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Three Reasons Why You Should Floss Daily

Time and time again, we hear the common phrase: “Make sure to floss and brush your teeth twice a day” Most of us hear this phrase when we visit the dentist for our 6month check-in. However, as most dentists have realized we have no idea if they really go back home and actually floss and …

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How to Pick The Right Toothbrush

Getting a toothbrush seems like an easy mundane task but toothbrushes are arguably one of the most important investments you can make in your dental health. Yet most people underestimate the importance of picking the right toothbrush. We all know and have been taught from a young age that we should and need to brush …

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Get A Candid Smile With CandidPro

A SMILE IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE   It can be said without a doubt that a smile is a gesture that we all understand across the world. It is something we all do innately that impacts so many aspects of our everyday routine. Life can throw us a few curve balls every now and again, …

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