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Why You Should Not Use Mail Order Teeth Aligners?

Mail-order teeth aligners are dangerous for your smile and overall health. Mail-order aligners use a series of self-examined teeth aligners to gradually align your teeth, which damage your gums and teeth. At Clermont Dental, we provide aligners for correcting your teeth under the supervision of our expert dentist, Dr. Safavi. Our Invisalign clear aligners can give you a confident, charismatic smile while maintaining your overall health.

Without the direct supervision of a qualified dentist, mail-order teeth aligners can end up causing more harm than good. Orthodontic treatment is not the same for everyone. Your plan must be carefully customized to ensure your teeth move safely and effectively.

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Many mail-order aligner companies, such as Byte Aligners and Smile Direct, take impressions of your teeth at your doorstep, which lack dental checkups. These impressions and aligners are inaccurate and can disrupt your overall health.

Most people choose mail-order aligners because they think it’s an affordable and convenient way of teeth straightening. However, this is entirely false.

These teeth aligners may not be tailored to your dental needs and may damage your gums and teeth. You may suffer from gum disease, which will cost you a lot. Dr. Safavi at Clermont Dental has many patients who have faced complications due to using aligners from mail-order aligner companies.

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Can Mail Order Aligners Be Dangerous for Me?

Yes, mail-order teeth aligners can be risky for several reasons. Since they are created without a qualified dentist like Dr. Safavi physically examining your teeth, there’s a high risk that they will not fit perfectly. This poor fit can lead to unforeseen issues such as improper tooth movement or even damage to your teeth. More than 2,300 upset customers reported issues with Smile Direct Club’s mail-order teeth aligners to the Better Business Bureau.”

Understanding Mail-Order Aligners

The reason behind the popularity of mail-order aligners is their convenience and low cost, which is not true. The process involves taking an at-home impression kit sent by the mail-order aligner company, which is then used to create aligner trays without visiting a dentist office. Mail-order aligners greatly lack personalization, which is necessary for effective and safe orthodontic treatment.

At Clermont Dental, we believe that clear aligners are important for straightening teeth, as they can make you look and feel better. Mail-order aligner companies do not provide aligners that are correctly adjusted to the unique structure of your mouth.

Unlike treatments supervised by our certified Invisalign invisible aligners provider, mail-order aligners do not offer the reassurance of regular check-ups to ensure that your teeth are moving as planned. Choosing Invisalign clear braces with Dr. Safavi means you will get a personalized treatment plan. We will specifically design this plan for your dental needs, and it will give you a confident, charismatic new smile.

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The Risks and Drawbacks of Mail-Order Aligners

Getting mail-order aligners can be quite risky and dangerous for your overall health. It’s best to have a certified provider like Dr. Safavi at Clermont Dental supervise your treatment.

Lack of Personalized Supervision

The main concern with mail-order aligners is your lack of personalized dental supervision. An expert’s supervision is crucial to learning about your unique dental needs and customizing aligners for you.

During these check-ups, our dental professionals assess the progress, make necessary adjustments, and ensure the treatment time is effective. Without this personalized supervision, those using mail-order aligners might face complications alone, often without immediate professional dental intervention.

Incorrect Diagnosis and Treatment

The treatment plan of mail-order aligner companies depends on the impressions you make at home, which are not sufficient for the diagnosis. Orthodontic conditions vary significantly in complexity and require a comprehensive examination by a qualified dentist to devise an effective treatment plan.

With mail-order aligners, there’s a significant risk that complex dental issues will be overlooked, leading to ineffective treatment.

Dental Health Complications

Mail-order aligners may cause serious dental health issues, prolong treatment, and potentially lead to extra expenses. If aligners are not perfectly aligned, they can cause discomfort, sores, or more severe issues like improper tooth movement, potentially leading to loose teeth or bite problems.

The Importance of Professional Dental Supervision

The importance of professional dental supervision in orthodontic treatment cannot be understated. Regular check-ups with a certified Invisalign clear aligners provider like Dr. Safavi ensure your treatment progresses and allow any necessary adjustments.

This supervision ensures that potential issues can be caught and addressed early, preventing minor problems from becoming significant complications. Additionally, a professional dentist will tailor your treatment plan to consider all aspects of your dental health.

Role of a Dentist in Diagnosing and Treating Dental Issues

A dentist is pivotal in diagnosing and treating dental issues, serving as the frontline for oral health care. At Clermont Dental, our experienced dentist, Dr. Safavi, utilizes her vast knowledge and specialized tools to thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth, gums, and related structures. This enables us to detect signs of decay, disease, and alignment issues early on.

Why is Professional Teeth Straightening Necessary?

Professional teeth straightening is essential to improve your dental health and to give you a beautiful smile. Severely crowded teeth, crooked teeth, significant jaw misalignment, or complex bite issues require precision, which Invisalign clear aligners can effectively treat.

Only a qualified dentist or orthodontist can accurately assess the need for such interventions and how they should be treated in an overall treatment plan.

Take Professional Help For the Smile You Deserve!

Discover your dream smile at Clermont Dental under the supervision of our expert dentist, Dr. Safavi! Dr. Safavi and her team offer top-notch orthodontic care customized to your needs. Unlike mail-order aligner treatment options, Invisalign treatment guarantees professionally supervised results.

Call Now at (303) 691-3333 or click below to Schedule your Completely FREE Invisalign consultation and surprise your family and friends with a beautiful, charismatic new smile!

By choosing Invisalign at Clermont Dental, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your amazing, confident new smile is just around the corner!

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