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How Invisalign Invisible Braces Work

Invisalign aligners can give you a confident, charismatic smile that will last a lifetime. Invisalign clear aligners can straighten your smile while boosting your overall health. They are easy to use, flexible, transparent, and affordable, making them the perfect orthodontic solution for your needs.

They work by gradually shifting your teeth into their desired position.

Schedule Your Completely FREE, No Obligation Invisalign Consultation NOW and start your journey toward your more confident, charismatic smile.

The Invisalign process starts with our expert dentist, Dr. Safavi, making a custom treatment plan just for you. This plan uses invisible aligners tailored just for your smile to move your teeth into the desired placement gradually. Unlike traditional metal braces, these removable aligners make eating and brushing your teeth much easier.

We make sure to charge your dental insurance company the maximum amount of money for your Invisalign treatment. We also offer affordable, interest-free, in-house payment options so you can pay your treatment in easy installments.

Get Your New Confident, Charismatic Smile by a World Famous Dentist, Dr Safavi

Our expert dentist, Dr. Safavi, has an impressive 30 years of experience to help you achieve a beautiful smile. Over the years, she has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals by giving them beautiful, breathtaking smiles with Invisalign.

Dr. Safavi continually seeks the latest advancements to ensure she offers the most effective and innovative orthodontic treatments. Her unmatched expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence make her a highly trustworthy choice for you and your smile.

Under Dr. Safavi’s meticulous care, you are not just receiving great orthodontic treatment but embarking on a transformative journey. She will ensure that you achieve the smile of your dreams with Invisalign clear aligners.

With Dr. Safavi, you can expect a personalized treatment plan that prioritizes your unique dental needs and goals. This ensures that your journey to an amazing smile is as rewarding as the outcome.

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Invisalign Braces Treatment Process

The Invisalign treatment process at Clermont Dental, under the expert guidance of Dr. Safavi, gives you the smile of your dreams. It is a systematic and thorough journey to give you amazing results. Here’s a detailed step-by-step overview:

FREE Consultation

Your path to a beautiful smile begins with your FREE consultation with Dr. Safavi, our Invisalign-certified dentist. We will assess your dental condition to see if Invisalign is the best option for your unique dental needs.

Customized Treatment Plan

Once we determine you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, Dr. Safavi will craft a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific dental needs. Using the iTero Element scanner, she will create a precise 3D digital image of your smile. This will serve as the foundation for your entire Invisalign process.

We Build Your Aligners

Based on your custom treatment plan, we will manufacture your unique set of Invisalign clear aligners. Each aligner adjusts your teeth slowly, moving them closer to their desired position.

You Wear Your Aligners

You’ll receive a series of these custom-made aligners to wear over your teeth. For optimal results, you should wear your aligners for 20-22 hours each day, switching to a new set every 1-2 weeks. With each new aligner, your teeth will gradually shift to match your amazing smile.

Progress Check-Ins

Ongoing check-ups with Dr. Safavi are crucial to your Invisalign treatment. This will allow us to track your progress and make any adjustments to ensure you achieve the amazing, confident smile you deserve.

Invisalign Vs Braces: Advantages of Invisalign

Compared to traditional stainless steel dental braces, Invisalign’s advantages are clear and significant. Invisalign aligners are almost invisible, making them a discreet option for straightening your teeth without the noticeable look of metal braces. This makes Invisalign particularly appealing to adults and teenagers who are self-conscious about their appearance.

Another key benefit of Invisalign vs braces is the comfort and convenience they provide. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable. Invisalign is most effective for mild to moderate cases; however, for severe misalignment, you may prefer traditional metal braces or lingual braces.

Invisalign treatment requires fewer visits to the dentist than traditional braces. This is because there are no wires or brackets to adjust or repair. Invisalign treatment requires changing to a new set of aligners based on Dr. Safavi’s plan. This helps to lessen the necessity for frequent in-office adjustments.

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How Long Does Invisalign Take?

One of the most common questions about Invisalign treatment is, “How long does Invisalign take?” The duration of Invisalign treatment can vary significantly depending on your dental needs and goals. Generally, treatment time ranges from 12 to 18 months, but you may see noticeable improvements in as little as 6 months. For more complex cases, it can take more than 12 months, depending on the severity.

Each set of aligners is custom-designed to make slight adjustments to the positioning of your teeth. The total treatment time depends on multiple factors, including how often you wear your aligners each day and the complexity of your dental issues. During your FREE consultation, Dr. Safavi will provide an estimated treatment timeline based on a detailed assessment of your specific dental needs.

For the best results, wear your aligners for 22 hours a day. Change to a new set every 1-2 weeks to stay on track. This will help you achieve your desired outcome within the expected time frame.

Invisalign Retainer: Ensuring Lasting Results

After the active phase of your Invisalign treatment concludes, maintaining beautiful results becomes the next crucial step. This is where your Invisalign retainer comes into play. Your Invisalign retainer is custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth, holding them in their new, correct positions.

Dr. Safavi will advise you on how long you need to wear your retainer daily. You may need to wear them full-time initially for a period before transitioning to night-time only.

It’s important to wear your Invisalign retainer as recommended. This helps prevent your teeth from shifting back to their original positions. This is known as orthodontic relapse. With diligent use, your retainer will preserve your investment in a straighter, more confident smile for years.

Can You Eat With Invisalign?

Absolutely! You can eat anything you want while going through Invisalign treatment. You can simply pop the aligners out and enjoy your favorite meals without any discomfort.

However, you should not eat while wearing your Invisalign aligners. The design of Invisalign allows you to enjoy your meals without the inconvenience of traditional dental braces.

Still, removing your aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water is essential. Eating with your aligners can harm or discolor them. This can impact their effectiveness and how inconspicuous they appear.

However, the removability of Invisalign aligners means you can enjoy all your favorite foods without restrictions during your treatment period. After eating, cleaning your teeth and your aligners before reinserting them is important to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Your Journey Toward a New Amazing Charismatic Smile!

Your transformation into a confident individual with an amazing, charismatic smile begins at Clermont Dental. Invisalign and Dr. Safavi’s expertise offer innovative technology that goes beyond traditional orthodontic treatment options, guiding you toward self-improvement and discovery.

This journey is about getting a beautiful smile and feeling good about yourself and how you show yourself to others. We’re dedicated to supporting you with personalized care and guidance through each phase of the Invisalign treatment cost process, from your FREE consultation to the moment you see your new smile in the mirror.

Schedule Your Completely FREE, No Obligation Invisalign Consultation NOW and start your journey toward a confident, charismatic smile.

Call us NOW at (303) 691-3333 to schedule your FREE Invisalign consultation with our friendly dental team. Begin your path to a confident, charming smile with Invisalign NOW!

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