Tooth-Colored Fillings in Denver, Colorado

Clermont Dental provides tooth-colored dental fillings to restore beautiful, natural-looking smiles.

Tooth-colored fillings are the best way to repair and restore teeth without impacting the quality of your smile. Our professional dental team restores teeth using natural-looking tooth-colored dental fillings. If you have a cavity, visit our office today.

What Is A Tooth-Colored Filling?

You may have heard of a white filling or composite filling. This is the same thing as a tooth-colored filling.

Our fillings get their name because they are made from a metal-free, tooth-colored composite resin, which is composed of plastic and glass particles. The resin can be shaded to match the rest of your tooth for a natural-looking restoration without the need for metal.

The tooth-colored composite resin can also be used to repair cracked, chipped, or worn-down teeth. This process is called dental bonding. We may also recommend composite resin to enhance the appearance of a stained or discolored tooth.

If you already have a metal filling, be sure to ask our dentist about our safe amalgam (silver) filling removal services. Our dentist can replace your existing metal fillings for a seamless restoration.

Composite Filling (Posterior)

How Long Do Tooth-Colored Fillings Last?

Once placed, your tooth-colored dental filling will keep you smiling for many years before needing to be repaired or replaced. The composite resin chemically bonds to the surrounding tooth to provide strength and support for your dental filling. Be sure to schedule regular checkups and cleanings to extend the lifetime of your filling, and to maintain your overall oral health.

If you experience any chipping or cracking, be sure to call or visit us right away to have your filling repaired or replaced.

Are Tooth-Colored Fillings Safe?

Yes, tooth-colored fillings are a safe and effective restoration option for patients looking for an alternative to metal. Tooth-colored cavity fillings are FDA-approved and safe for patients aged six and up.

Do You Accept Walk-ins and Same-day Appointments?

Yes, we do accept walk-in appointments. Our team will do everything we can to see you as soon as possible. We also offer emergency appointments as scheduling permits for same-day treatment and relief. Visit or call our conveniently located Denver office the next time you need a cavity filling!

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes, Clermont Dental accepts insurance, and we will file insurance for you. We also offer affordable patient financing through Denefits.

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